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Other exhibitors include Energy Clubs under the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre established within the Ministry of Education, had started its operation since the beginning of 1999. One of the key initiative in strategic goal number 2 of EDPMO’s Energy White Paper (EWP) is to reduce the energy intensity down to 45% by 2035 through Energy Efficiency & Conservations (EEC) programs.

The primary objective of the establishment of the Energy Club in school is to inculcate the culture of energy efficiency and conservation at grassroots level (at schools) so that young people would become EEC ambassadors. It also serve as a platform for students to discuss and develop projects and/or ideas on energy saving and conservation.

Energy Club Milestones

May 2009                          Energy Club was established

2011                                 EDPMO donated 29 Solar Photovoltaic Panels to 29 Energy Clubs

2012                                 Morsjaya Electrical Company has donated 29 Solar Charge Controllers to all Energy Clubs

                                        AEC Sdn Bhd donated 58 units of Panasonic Inverter Air-Conditioners to all 29 registered Energy Clubs

                                        Department of Electrical Services (DES) contributed 100 used Meter Reading Apparatus

Energy Exhibition will be used as a platform for Energy Club students to present the results and findings from their study to prove that the inverter type of air conditioner is an effective energy saving appliance, through collected data (KWh usage) and to determine the best setting temperature for the air conditioners in each school. EDPMO and again through a kind contribution from AEC Sdn Bhd will construct the air-conditioner display room in the exhibition hall for this purpose.